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Globancy Head office

Suite 14, Level 15, Rialto Tower

327 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Telephone:+61 2 8095 0535


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Update COVID-19

Our Sydney team will be working from home however our counselling and support won't stop.

You can contact us according to your nationality:

Brasil:           Daniel (0452 460 655⁣ |

Cambodia:    Reaksmey (0421 870 461⁣ |

China/Taiwan/ Japan/ Hong Kong:   Eric (0424 910 669 |

Latinamerica and Spain:  Miguel (0450 956 151 |

Mongolia: Lily (0452 433 998 |

Nepal: Anup (0433 899 467 |

           Binaya (0403 255 028 |

Philppines: Wed (0403 907 538 |

                Michelle (0415 096 006 |

Other Nationalities: 


Migration: Miguel Mudbidri (MARN 0745862) (0450 956 151 |
















For the Latest Immigration Updates:



Or you can send a message on Globancy's Facebook


Updates regarding visas and restrictions will be posted on our facebook page.

Stay tuned..!!!


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Why study in Australia?

In Australia you can choose a path that suits your goal.

There are thousands of courses to choose from.

The Australian Education system has a strong international reputation and is known for its effective structure and innovative policy development.

Australia is also one of the best places to live.

It is a young, vibrant and friendly country in which students can learn and grow..


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There are a number of visa and immigration options to Australia.

There are important things you should know before applying for, or being granted, an Australian visa.


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Why there is nothing like Australia

Australia is the eight largest tourism market in the world and is becoming a major destination for business investment.


It has some of the world's most distinctive and diverse natural environments, with unique wildlife and spectacular landscapes, including many national parks and World Heritage Areas.